Number 16 renovations…

We are now a full week into the gig and we are doing, well…. OK.  The garden is tidied and the grass has been fed and weeded – OK so “weed and feed” has been deployed following the garden having been weeded in the flower beds etc, and the electric lawn rake having removed the thick of the moss etc in the grass area 🙂

The bedrooms have now had their ceilings painted, their walls painted and the gloss work done – just need to re-visit the master bedroom as we had a small accident and leant on it tonight following painting – hence it needs re-doing 🙁

Simon got some fancy new ladders that fold up to make a handy platform – perfect for on the stairs to enable the highest point in the house to be painted.  These arrived last night so they were used to full effect today.

So, we now have a coat of emulsion on the upstairs hall, with the stairs and entrance hallway to be looked at tomorrow hopefully.

All upstairs gloss work (excluding bathroom) has been done and is finished (the banister rails were a real PITA), so we are almost ready for the carpets – the gloss will have over a week to dry and harden in preparation for the carpets 🙂

Tomorrow, we intend to complete the bathroom and make a dent in the spray painting of the kitchen cabinet doors – we chose to paint them as oppose to replace them as the spray cans are costing approximately 4 UKP per door as opposed to 600UKP to replace the doors….  There are 21 doors incidentally.

We have also chosen to spray the bath panel and then we won’t need to locate a replacement for it 🙂

We are doing pretty well at present – just need more hours in the day to be able to crack on 🙂

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