Rest in Peace (Great) Grandpa Rust, we love you xx

Today was the funeral of a beloved Grandfather and Great Grandfather.

It was a very emotional time with a wonderful service of remembrance at Warley St John’s Church, followed by the burial at Warley Cemetery.

Simon decided that it would be the right thing to take Tina since Grandpa always enjoyed seeing our new cars as we bought them and took great pleasure from such.  Sadly, he was not fit enough to see Tina when we bought her last year.  It felt even more befitting when Michael read out his eulogy and amongst many things talked of Grandpa’s love for cars.  The eulogy was a very fitting description of a wonderful life that reached out and positively touched many more people than we could ever have thought.  We all know that we have a very high bar to reach as Rusts and hope that we can meet the requirements over the coming days, weeks, months and years.

It was very hard for us to watch Grandpa being laid to rest between his son and daughter in law in the cemetery, but are pleased that they are together again “enjoying” the bitter cold wind but wonderful view from where they rest.  We are so very pleased that we took the time last week in visiting the cemetery and ensuring that both graves were clean and tidy since Grandpa himself used to tend to the graves before he moved out to Horsforth a couple of years ago.  He would certainly have approved of our (OK, so Tim’s and Vicky’s) work on tidying up.

Poor Grandma is left unsure of who we all are and perhaps more importantly forgetting what has actually happened, wondering most days where her love has gone.  Time will undoubtedly help, but reading about the last few days every evening from her diary will without question bring back the memory of her loss and sadness.

Rest in Peace (Great) Grandpa, we love you always xx


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