Great weekend in the North-East

We nipped up to Great Grandma’s house on Saturday morning and were treated to a wonderful Roast Chicken lunch 🙂 We then went to take a Metro into the city centre as we had a toy shop to attend – Fenwicks.  Daddy was bitterly disappointed with the size of the toy fayre – only about 15% of the size that it used to be – guess it is a sign of the time with the bigger toy shops such as Toys R Us, but it used to be the ENTIRE 3rd floor – today it was no larger than the toy section of any average department store 🙁  But there were plenty of designer children’s wear in their place – shame we didn’t have more time to shop for such items….

We had a nice sleepover at Great Grandma’s although the boys needed separating as there was NO WAY that they were going to sleep together 🙁

Then on Sunday morning we had breakfast, went to play for an hour or so at TJ’s Jungle in Cramlington, followed by a little lunch, a quick shop and called into Claire and Mike’s before heading back to Ossett.

The boys seemingly want more sleepovers 🙂  Just could do with getting more sleep during these sleepovers 🙁


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