New stairs and upper landing carpet – going in :-)

Today, well now actually 🙂 we are having a new carpet fitted to the stairs and upstairs landing area.  It is one of the final pieces of the home remodel that we have been traversing through since Christmas 🙂

Hopefully will have a picture to show a little later on.

Olly was actually at school yesterday in what feels like only the second time since the Christmas holidays 🙂 He seemed to really enjoy himself, which is a bonus 🙂  We also took him for a long overdue haircut this morning, which while he wasn’t too pleased about during proceedings, he was somewhat happy with the sweetie that the hairdresser gave to him afterwards 🙂 At least he looks like a little boy again and not a ginger sheep !!

Elliot has been getting on great guns this week as well, since the teachers introduced him to a boy called Oliver (of all names 🙂 ) in year 2.  They seem to have really hit it off and have gone so far as inviting each other to play at each others’ houses etc.

Simon had his first real interview of 2012 yesterday as well in London – a great experience which reminded him that to work in the computer software industry is feeling like a preferred option.  We’ll see how things go with this particular company as there will be a reasonable commute (HQ is in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne of all places 🙂 although it will be easier to get to than Warrington on a wet day – that is for sure 🙂

Speaking of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, we are headed there tomorrow morning for the weekend – we are staying with Elliot and Oliver’s Great Grandma on Saturday night and then we are bringing her back to Yorkshire for a few days afterwards, so that she can spend more time with us but also to attend Great Grandpa’s funeral next Tuesday.


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