We went for the results of Olly’s blood tests this morning. It transpires that he has slight Anaemia and we are now being referred to a paediatrician. Good job we pushed the doctor a couple of weeks back – he was keen to just push us back out of the door with the view point that we were over reacting :-(. Hence we effectively pushed him to do the blood tests and we tend to think that he was just expecting an ‘all clear’ come back.

So now we have to wait a week for the paperwork to be raised and THEN we can apply for a first appointment. Have a feeling that this is going to take a while …. :-(. Private medical care might help here, but we don’t have it since Simon left the UK company 2 years ago. The US medical system would also have had us seen by now… 🙁

He had another test done known as ESR to determine if his body is reacting to anything out of the normal. It seems that I is non specific so only really advises if the body is dealing with something. The response to this test is simply yes, Olly’s body is dealing with something….

Looks like we will start a food diary for the little guy as we wait for an appointment – we could be some time…

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