Day 14 – end of play photos…

The kitchen really is almost done – Corey got the tiling completed AND the grouting done today – so just in need of a proper clean tomorrow and then the replacement fridge/freezer installed.  Then, all that is left is the doors all need aligning.  Hopefully this will all happen tomorrow morning leaving us time to begin the painting of the room and then YAY, we can move our gear back in…

The utility room has now been tiled and hopefully will be grouted tomorrow.  The, as the kitchen, the doors need aligning and then the room decorating… 🙂

The ground floor bathroom is still needing the cabinet, but it is still out there to be delivered – somewhere between France and Warrington apparently…. 🙁


Day 14 - Kitchen #1

Day 14 - Kitchen #2

Day 14 - Utility

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