Olly fever again … :-(

Poor Olly has been poorly now for two days, starting two nights ago and experiencing spiking temperatures between the calpol/ibuprofen drug wear outs 🙁

We are heading to the doctor again today at 4:30pm to log another case of tonsillitis – only the third to be going on record since Christmas – there has been a fourth but he didn’t see the doctor they time around. The little white spots have arrived on his tonsils so we know that this is the next episode of tonsillitis.

Poor little soul is really struggling – 4 times in 6 weeks is just ridiculous – we thought the fever once a month was bad enough but now he is just not getting time to be a fun child between the episodes 🙁

We need to see what can be done to help, be it more drugs or tonsil removal surgery (we already know that the medics do not wish to remove tonsils until 6 breakouts in 12 month period so are wondering if 4 in 6 weeks will also spur something to happen).

We would actually consider having it done privately if we can get it confirmed that there really is an issue that needs addressing in this way. Apparently it would cost us circa £2,000 however…. If that is what it takes to give the poor little monkey a better life right now, then….

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