Holiday booked :-)

Yesterday, we finalized a 10 day vacation to sunny Orlando in April.  We are going to meet up with Jason, Amy and Charlotte for 6 days (having had 4 days before they arrive).  It was our first really painfully expensive vacation that falls in school holidays 🙁

We are staying at a hotel that is literally across the street from Downtown Disney, so we will not really need the car too much we hope – i.e. just walk across the road and make use of the free Disney transportation 🙂

Now we need to plan which attractions the boys will want to see and enjoy… Thus figure out how many hard earned $$$ the Mouse is going to take from us before we leave the UK – Disney Park tickets….

-5 Celcius this morning as we got the kids ready and prepared to take Elliot to school – BRRRRR 🙁 🙁 🙁  Apparently it is going to get colder over the weekend as well 🙁  At least we should have all of our radiators online and operational…

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