March of the Penguins – Elliot’s class deliver in the St Hilda’s Chapel

This morning, we were lucky to be invited to a little play that the Reception class at St Hilda’s School put on for the rest of the school.  It was simply fantastic to see how well the whole school interact together in chapel and how the teachers actively encourage interaction and public speaking.  Mrs Forge did a fabulous job of involving the whole school in the stories and the children were really keen to get involved – the children from YEars 1 and 2 clearly remembered the story themselves somewhat fondly :-).  Each of the Reception class children had at least two pieces where they had to stand up in front of the school (and proud parents) and deliver lines to depict the story of the Artic and the Antarctic parts of the world.  Elliot did really well although was clearly a little put off by his brother and parents being in the room – that said we think he enjoyed putting on the show all the same 🙂

Reception Class acting out a story about the Arctic and Antarctic regions

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