Day 2 in the mad house…

The first day of renovations seemed pretty successful with the kitchen and house bathroom being cleared and then work commenced within the kitchen.  As it stands we have a few carcasses in place in the kitchen, although we have the project manager coming around to see us as we are not convinced that the actual build is following the plan that we agreed to some weeks ago – we will know more in the next hour or so we hope 🙂

The plan is to build out the base carcasses in the kitchen today apparently and to get the shower fittings and the bath into the house bathroom.

Simon is heading out later over to Warrington to have dinner with the old team as the EMEA guys are all in town for their annual Technical Conference – will be nice to catch up.

We are actually managing OK considering that we have lost the kitchen completely (although thankfully they have left the sink etc in the utility for now) and we are a bathroom down.  The kids ‘baths’ tonight will be interesting….  The dining room has become a kitchen albeit without a sink and fridge.  It is working out so far..

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