Bedroom half done :-) And fitness a go-go…

The chap that is building our bedroom furniture is really cracking on well – he should be done by Thursday night – a full day early – spot on given we are heading North for the weekend 🙂

It looks better than we imagined it would and the lights etc that are built into it are pretty neat.  The main wardrobes and bed side cabinets should be fully completed today leaving the entranceway to be finished tomorrow.

Mummy has been out in search of bed linens and shirts for the buys (and a pair of replacement pants for Olly – he seems to have lost a little weight since just before Christmas so his suit pants are too big 🙁

Simon has just ordered a new set of weighing scales for the house as they have wifi built in and will automagically detect who it is that is stood on them and then update their weight online, ready for analysis via the iphone / ipad / pc etc – pretty cool.  On top of this, he has ordered a FitBit Ultra wireless fitness pedometer that also monitors sleep patterns – all the above is put together and an iPhone app can be used to input foods intaken as well as gym sessions / bike rides accomplished to calculate where he is going wrong with either lack of fitness or too much food (or indeed both)….

Let’s see if this helps him shift a bit of lard… 🙂

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