Bedroom build begins TODAY

We spent the weekend (BIG thanks to David T and to Greg) putting new electrical points in the bedroom and moving those that are already in there in preparation for today.  Sharps arrived at 8:15 this morning and have already commenced the mammoth task of building up the furniture that they delivered last Tuesday.  It will take 5 days and then we will be able to put the bed back in and begin the task of selecting a new bed, new carpet and re-decorating (groan).  David also helped Simon pop 16 Cat6e network cables in between the garage (computer centre) and the main loft area of the house ready to spider out into all the other necessary rooms etc – a job Simon has wanted to do for 4+ years now and should fully prepare us for the future – allowing us the possibility to put all AV equipment out in the garage leaving just TV’s and speakers in the rest of the house 🙂

Simon and Greg then spent 3 hours on Sunday with plaster board and plaster.  There is still some plaster and paintwork to be done in the room behind where the new wardrobes will be, so Simon is hoping that the last layer will be dry tonight so that he can complete the plaster work tonight and then hopefully the painting cane be done tomorrow night (fingers crossed).

We are also chasing the bathroom and kitchen folks this week as they are due to start here as early as next week – the house will be upside down for at least a month 🙁

We have Olly in to see the doctor this afternoon as his temperature issues are not getting any better although the symptoms are slightly changing.  His temperature once under control seems to suddenly just go out of control within 10 minutes – there used to be around 30 minutes to 1 hour of advanced notice.  Also, he is shivering now – not done that before really.  The Doctor that mummy and Olly saw on Saturday night (yes we had to go to the drop in centre) suggested that he just had a virus and that this was his body’s way of dealing with it – seems sensible until you think that this suggests he has a virus at least once a month.  In fact the doctor was actually pretty rude and in fairness uninterested it seems.  Daddy is left wondering if the guy thought that mummy just wanted Olly admitting into hospital for some reason…..

The end of the week sees us all travelling north to Claire and Mike’s wedding on Saturday – we are going in 2 cars since the DB9 is going to be used for the day.  Sadly it won’t easily fit onto Greg’s trailer so we are having to go 2’s up 🙂

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