The lurgy is in ‘da house :-(

Elliot complained of feeling cold yesterday while we were out at the park (with bikes), and this morning all 4 of us woke up feeling it – a nasty little cold that has almost knocked us all off our feet 🙁

So, we have had a pyjama day today

We also took delivery of all of the wood work etc for the new bedroom wardrobes etc from Sharps.  The fitter will be here on Monday next week in order to do the actual fitting work.  So, we have a busy week ahead of us as the existing flooring needs to come up (Greg and Tim helped us take the old fitted wardrobes out on Saturday) and the skirting boards need removal, painting and refitting.  We also need to fill the holes in the plasterboard that were left from the wardrobe removal and paint the back wall where the wardrobes used to be – we decided NOT to buy the backs to the wardrobes as that would have added a further 1000 UKP to the overall price.

Once the new gear is installed we need to redecorate the room and then arrange fr new curtains and carpet as well as a new bed and bedding sets etc. Crikey – much to do….

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