Merry Christmas everybody

Wow – Boxing Day has been and almost passed – we have had a busy time and the boys have done particularly well this year it seems.

Captain ‘Elliot Jack’ Sparrow seems to be the hit of the year, whether it be the swords, the LEGO or the complete dressing up outfit 🙂

Captain Elliot Jack Sparrow

Even Olly is in for the game of playing pirates when Elly will let him (of course).  They both received some cool Pirates of the Caribbean outfits and accessories in Halifax today.  Have a feeling that Elliot will be sleeping in his outfit and almost certainly with a sword or two… :-s

Olly’s favourite present looks to be a miaowing pussy cat called Molly that he received from Grandma – saldy we have had to switch her off already at least twice as she insistently miaows and purrs regardless of whether you take any notice of her…. 🙁  Thomas the Tank Engine Hornby train also seems to be a significant hit, with daddy being shouted at for not letting Olly set it up tonight at home – he played with it in Halifax today.  We need to buy a board for it to be attached to properly etc and then it can be stores in the garage up against the roof or something.  It certainly took Simon back about 30 years playing with the Hornby trains today… 🙂

Olly has dealt with leaving his dummys for Father Christmas reasonably well – on Christmas Eve he placed them all in a bowl and put them under the tree before bed.  As he got into bed he had a small relapse when he decided that he needed the dummys back and that he was happy to not receive any presents from FC – this was the deal with Olly – leave your dummys under the tree for FC to take away and then he would get some presents the following morning.  We have now had a second night and we have done OK in fairness – tonight may be the biggest test as he has a temperature and has already required some ‘pink’ before his bath…. 🙁

Tomorrow we are spending the day with Paula, Richard and Cayton so that will be fun – we are proposing to head out to a play centre somewhere and then grab a bite fo lunch 🙂

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