Another week and now only 34 days to Christmas…

We (Simon, Vicky and Tim) managed to get out on the bikes this weekend – we head down to Sherwood Pines (South of Sheffeild and North of Nottingham) on Saturday – it was a nice day and we started out on the blue run – a nice leisurely 6 mile trail.  While it was not for Tim, it was a good starter trail for Vicky and Simon, with a little whinging from the pair of them ref sore behinds etc.  The bike carrier proved to be spot on and now that we are used to popping the bikes on the trailer, we will be able to attach the bikes back on in a much shorter time from now on.

We have decided that while Sherwood Pines was a really nice trail center, it took over an hour to get there and then the same again to get home – it is just too far away sadly.  We therefore need to find something much closer to home 🙂

On Sunday, we ventured into the 3D televisual land and have bought a moderately priced 47″ LED TV that has 3D and a 3D Blu-Ray player.  It has been installed in the Lounge along with a pseudo surround sound bar that we managed to get in the deal at around 50% off 🙂 The sound is tremendous and it is great to have a large screen for the room again (we have been using Tim’s 32inch screen, which in itself is a big screen, but just seems dwarfed in the room – plus our aging eyes were struggling with any text on the screen 🙁

Today, Elliot has had a day off school (foundation day – whatever that means :-s) so we all went to Meadowhall to see Father Christmas.  The boys were pleased to see him and both had reasonably lengthy lists of items that they would very much like for him to bring for them in 34 days….

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