Where did Elliot go, and WHO is this confident young man we now seem to have ????

Daddy collected Elliot from school this afternoon as mummy was having her hair cut etc.  Mrs Forge (Elliot’s teacher) needed to speak to him about signing a consent form for some speech, language and group work that Elliot is going to being to receive as part of his education.  However, Mrs Forge also told daddy about how Elliot had received an award this morning in the assembly from Mrs Grunwell (headmistress).  It was for settling in at school so quickly and so well.  Mrs Forge was concerned that Elliot would not want to go and receive the award but NO, Elliot jumped up and pretty much RAN to receive his accolade 🙂 WOW – just wait a minute and let that one sink in !!!! WOW

Not to be the end of the story for today, the reception class AND class 1 AND class2 all got together for an hour or so this afternoon it seems and the teachers asked if any of the pupils wanted to sing to the rest of the classes….. wait for it…….Elliot jumped at the chance to sing one of the songs from their upcoming Christmas Concert… !!!!!! Again, WOW !!!!!

He is genuinely like a different child – it is really difficult to not get over excited about the really impressive changes that we are witnessing.

Even Oliver was OK with going to nursery yesterday – his nominated person, Lauren was there for a change to greet him so she did a great job of easing him in and ridding his tears – so we just slipped off and took Elliot to his classroom.

We are almost there with the bathrooms and kitchen with decision having now been made about the carcases and doors for both kitchen and main bathroom.  We have also chosen the cabinet tops and to be fair, there is lots of sparkle in all the tops and potentially the floors… 🙂  There is just a small spoke in the wheel in that the tiles we chose for the walls in the bathroom are apparently discontinued so we need to start again on that one 🙁

We have finally bled the brakes on Barbara and Julie and are going to head out with Timmy tomorrow morning to Sheffield to get started with the rides.  Elly and Olly are going with Grandma and Tyler to the Playstation in Ossett for a coupe of hours and lunch etc.

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