School is fun :-)

So we are almost a week in now, and Elliot appears to be enjoying school more and more by the day.  Apparently today he was participating in the singing for the Christmas concert 🙂 🙂 🙂 He had been doing the hand gestures etc, but today he actually got stuck in with the singing.  We are soooo pleased…

Olly had his second dull day in nursery and apparently he cried when he realised that we had actually left him, but then just got on with it – the nursery teachers have commented on how advanced his speech is, and that he knows his full name – apparently most of the little ones only just manage their first names at this stage.

We have been out trying to make some moves on kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture as we have decided that the kitchen needs updating, we need a completely new bathroom (and we may just update / replace the downstairs lavatory) and the bedroom needs cabinets etc.  Hence this could be a BIG spending spree.

We have not been overly successful on the kitchen front (the shop we went to in Wakefield (3D was the name) was a complete waste of time – the salesman didn’t even have a rough idea of what it cost to build a set of furniture in their own store….) although we have put a call into the place in York where the original kitchen came from in the hope that we can accelerate things by making use of them.

Hopefully we will have a guy coming round from Wakefield Bathrooms in te next week or so to help advise us on the two bathrooms that we are going to replace.

Need to get on with the man cave as well…… oh, where will we find the hours in the day…..

Oh, VAR 625 is now home again – sat on a cheeky Porsche Boxster S 🙂 V12 UST is legally in place on an Aston Martin DB9 and we are waiting for the V5 for the Range Rover in order to place VAR 72 on it 🙂

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