Julie is ready… and Olly on first day of nursery

Tim put Julie together for Vicky today and so she just needs her brakes bleeding and is ready to roll.  Barbara needs to be put together also, so maybe a task for tomorrow if time permits.

We have built up the kids furniture and begun to open up the boxes of toys etc.

Tim also put together the other bikes yesterday so we are really cracking through the gear and maybe, just maybe we will be riding Barbara and Julie with Tim and Betty in a trail centre before the next 10 days is out.

Oliver’s first day at school was today and while he was VERY pleased to go this morning, he was also very pleased to see us this afternoon (full day from 8:30 to 3:30). Apparently he did well and only had a couple of tearful times when he was asking after us.  He seems to want to go back on Thursday though so we will see how he gets on then.  He did want to go to bed at 7:15pm tonight and was asleep within 15 minutes of getting in 🙂

Elliot seems to be doing well with school as well and had homework to do last night – he did it with mummy this afternoon.

Simon took the DB9 out for a spin this afternoon and noted that one of the heated seats does not work 🙁 Sure it will be a relatively simple repair, but is still slightly irritating – particularly given the issues that we have been having with the Range Rover… 🙁

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