No fun in the Range Rover….

It seems that we may have purchased a bit of a lemon with the Range Rover sadly 🙁

We noticed that at low revs the engine appears to be misfiring, and sadly this occurs on every trip that we take – hence it needs fixing.  This along with the fact that each time we start the engine, the car tells us that a service is required – this simply can’t be the case since it was only services 200 miles before we collected it.

Then to top it off, the internal trim (door seal) on one of the back doors dropped off, and the trim around the top of the windscreen (outside) started to come off on the motorway – resulting in it cracking the roof of the car 🙁

The garage are collecting the car this morning and assure us that they will get it sorted before the end of the day tomorrow.  Let’s hope that they are successful – we are very tempted to tell them to keep the car….

On a slightly more positive note, we got the call to advise us that the DB9 will be ready for collection on Friday AND that the shipment from the US will be being delivered here on Monday afternoon 🙂 We are going to have a busy weekend making room for a single garage full of gear arriving.

We also went to school today and finalised Elliot’s place – juts need to sort out a uniform now.  While we were there, we checked out Olly for a place in the nursery a couple of days a week – he LOVED it in their nursery to he point that we could not get him out without a series of tantrums.  As a result he is signed up for 2 days a week term time also 🙂 Bonus – they are both at the same school, giving mummy (and daddy while work is not on the cards) 2 days a week to do whatever 🙂

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