RV Trip – Day 8 – Paso Robles to Morgan Hill

The RV park in Paso Robles was definitely the nicest of all the parks that we stayed at (including tonight’s stay in Morgan Hill – but only just) however it was not the best.  The best was the very first night at Big Sur, as Big Sur RV campsite was all with nature – i.e. we parked in the trees with a large stream running behind the RV – then awakening to the forest smell etc – simply magical.

We left the park this morning in glorious sunshine and mummy and Uncle Tim went for a tour of the Eberle Winery (just outside the RV park) and they ended up buying a couple of bottles (hopefully for tonight 🙂 ) of red.

Three hours later and a whole LOT of rain we arrived here at the Coyote Valley RV Park in the rain and began the big empty out and pack up of our gear in readiness for the flight tomorrow.

So, tomorrow we will be waking realtively early and getting out to Hertz to collect a minivan where we will transfer the bags and all into.  Then we will be taking the RV back to FamilyRV and hoping to get some of our deposit back 🙂

If time permits we will call in on the Folks and then head out to the airport ready for the United flight out of San Francisco International airport at 7:25pm.  We will land in London’s Heathrow airport at approximately 2:30pm UK time and then get a rental car to drive back to sunny Yorkshire.

The RV trip has been a lot of fun although we are happy that it is coming to an end as the signal for the end of our Californian Adventure has now come.  We are now looking forward to getting back into ForkHall UK, getting Elliot into a suitable school and beginning life again 🙂

Thanks for the memories United States, it has been a whole heap of fun.

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