RV Trip – Day 7 – Anaheim to Paso Robles

The day was miserable right from the off- rain, rain and more rain 🙁  (we think that this is an introduction to how we are to expect the weather when we get back to the UK – even Elliot commented on it today – he said “mummy, it is cold with no sun out” and then when Vicky pointed out that this was what the weather is like in England he just said “well then, I am going to be cold in England” 🙂 )

So, we chose to head to the Block at Orange shopping centre to buy some clothes for Elliot to travel home in and to spend some time at Dave and Busters.  We spent about 3 hours in total (including lunch) in Dave and Busters and had a pretty good time – the boys loved it, Oliver (as always) ran wild and Elliot enjoyed the driving games as well as the coin pushing games (such as found in British electronic arcades).

The journey to Paso Robles was approximate 260 miles and the first part of the drive took ages – the rain in conjunction with rush hour made for a nightmare.  However, once we got out of the LA districts the roads opened up and the journey became much easier.  Route 5 through the mountains was a really impressive road reaching 4144 feet above sea level at its highest point, and the drop back down into the valley below (on the North side) was  a significant drop – something like a 6 or 7% decline.  It was certainly enough (on both sides) for your ears to pop through the difference in air pressure.

We finally arrived in Paso Robles just after 8pm to the Wine Country RV Resort which (at this time of night) feels like the nicest of all the parks that we have stayed at.  I guess we will know more in the morning when we get daylight.

Sausages, beans and chips for dinner – yay !! extra bonus – the sausages were cooked on a disposable BBQ 🙂  All the RV parks have had picnic tables and BBQ pits in each of the pitches – just a cool additional feature.

We also cracked open the cigar that Tim and Simon bought in vegas.  Not so sure we will follow up with a second run, but at least we can all say that we have “enjoyed” a cigar now 🙂

We have also begun clearing out the crap (clothes, toys etc) that we will NOT be taking back to the UK tonight – we have had to do this at night as Elliot and Oliver would not be in agreement with some of the stuff that is being turfed 🙂

We are considering a wine tasting visit for Vicky and Timmy tomorrow on the way up to Morgan Hill (only a 150 mile journey so will only take 3 hours or so). Simon looking forward to being able to smell but not taste….

Finally, RIP Steve Jobs – the Rust household only started using your gear later on, but we are now almost entirely an Apple household – thanks for the goods.

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