Work is finished… for a little while…

Simon completed his last day at work yesterday (Friday) and is now free !!!

We have returned the VW so we now have both cars sorted out, and the rental Cadillac is well into use.  We have got used to the thumping V8 already so hopefully we will not be wasting quite as much fuel just listening to the roar from the traffic lights 🙂

Simon and Tim went out for beers and dinner with the folks from Simon’s old place of work last night and Tim managed to lose his wallet 🙁 Thankfully, the waitress took it to one side and we collected it earlier today – all contents intact 🙂

We have moved pretty much all of the big furniture down to the garage ready for removal by the various customers next week.  There is just our bed and Olly’s cotbed to come down next week.

Simon and Tim have booked a two night trip to Las Vegas starting on lunchtime on Monday to go and shoot some guns etc 🙂 Fun is going to be had.  We got a pretty good del of around $700 each for  two nights at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the flights and a small car for hire 🙂

Vicky was out with the girls on Thursday night and again tonight – lets just hope that there food isn’t poisoned like it was on Thursday….!!!!

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