Escalade escapades

Vicky’s X5 is to be taken back to the dealership in the morning and left there…. So we have rented a Cadillac Escalade for the next 9 days to take us through until we collect the RV next Thursday.  Elliot’s comment following Daddy igniting the cheeky 8 cylinders was a classic – “Mummy, listen to daddy’s engine” 🙂 followed by “Mummy, make your car go fast like daddy’s” :-s

Mummy has been out in the Escalade tonight to the supermarket, and she definitely came back with a smile on her face – even she had wound the window down to listen to the growl of the large V8.  By large, I mean more than 6 litres 🙂  It is definitely a car that would facilitate the loss of ones license if driven for long enough.

We are probably looking at a serious fuel bill for the next week or so, and then the RV is actually a V10 petrol engine (for some reason not a diesel) so another week of crazy fuel consumption.  At least it will all be a pile of fun…..

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