Stuff has gone…. :-S

Well, we just waved off our gear and now it is enroute for 3 Turner Close…  The shippers called Vicky earlier today with a request – “we have a truck in the area, any chance we can collect your stuff today?” So, we thought, yea, why not, it is just waiting here…

So, at 6pm the truck arrived and two guys meticulously went through the stuff, making a full inventory along the way.  We ended up with 363 cubic feet would you believe?  It is now fully paid for and on the way…  The insurance seems to be a pointless option in that owner packed goods are only entitled to a maximum of $250 per box in an event of a claim.  Well given we have a $4,500 bike in a box that we had professionally packed, we will only get $250 if the bike gets damaged.  Well, we have persuaded them that given it professionally packed that it should not be considered owner packed- they seemed to agree but I guess we will only find out IF anything happens….

Vicky has also been successful in selling the baby furniture this week, the sofa bed (which Simon damaged when putting it away the last time (we only found out during an impromptu demo to a prospective buyer…), the two bookcases from the lounge area, Elliot’s bed and the sit n stroll pushchair (airline seat / pushchair combo).  All in all a very successful week.

We have had Vicky’s car inspected in readiness for its return to BMW, and we got a clean bill of health with the inspector actually making the comment that he wished more clients looked after their lease cars like we have done 🙂  We will most likely be returning the car to the local dealership in the next 10 days or so and will rent a car for the week gap – we are thinking of a Cadlillac Escalade – what do you think?

The GTI is being inspected next week so hopefully we get a good deal on its return as well.

Finally, hopefully we will get to see a few RVs tomorrow and maybe even get a deposit down on our vacation 🙂

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