The big pack-up begins…

The big pack has begun….  and this weekend has been a mega weekend 🙂

We cleared out the storage area in the garage on Saturday and have today sorted all the kids toys, their clothes and Vicky has sorted the kitchen stuff.  So, we just have to sort our own clothes and arrange for a shipping company to come and collect our gear 🙂

OK, so there is more to it than this – i.e. we still have to get the 7 bikes boxed up and we have a significant pile of things to try to sell via either Craigslist or garage sale (Vicky’s friend Muriel has kindly offered to help us with a garage sale at her house).

We have also pretty much decided that we will rent an RV and do a little tour of Southern California for our last week in California. Check this bad boy out 🙂 Be prepared uncle Tim, Disneyland, Lego land and Sea World is a callin’

The boys have so far taken it extremely well that their toys have been boxed up.  Elliot caught us and simply said “hey, what’s going on over here?” 🙂 We explained that some of the toys needed to go to England on a boat and that he needed to help us decide which cars etc he could keep here in the white house until we got on the plane back to England. This seemed to be the best course of action given we were caught somewhat red handed 🙂

We are hoping to arrange a collection for the gear by next Tuesday so that it can be sailing before we leave on the plane…


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