Maui Day 6 – last full day of the holiday :-(

Typically the best weather saved for the last full day. 🙂

Kerrie took a hour long helicopter flight today to see the island from above, so while she was doing this the Rust clan head for a beach to play. We found (OK so Vicky found) a great beach just 5 minutes from the heliport (heliport was on the far side of the airport we came into) where there was a lot of people wind surfing and kite surfing. So it was pretty windy but the ocean where we were was pretty still so we were able to splash around as well for about an hour or so.

We stopped by Safeway on the way back to the house to get some final provisions for dinner and then played in the pool for the last 5 or so hours. Oliver is now pretty good in the pool in that he can now motivate himself pretty well even when he is out of his depth. we really must keep on top of their swimming as Elliot can now do it properly and so with a little tuition, he will be sorted. Oliver could even be swimming by Christmas with the right professional help we think 🙂

Last night so Vicky has made a pasta dish and we have two bottles of red wine, a 1.5 litre bottle of White wine, a large bottle of Whiskey and about a dozen bottles of Corona to polish off – wish us luck 🙂

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