Maui Day 5 – Elliot can swim unaided :-)

The day started with a little light rain 🙂 It is so green here, that the rain must come more often than we have thus far experienced.

Elliot wanted to get in the pool this morning in his SPF shorts and shirt (the one with NO floatation goodies sewn in) so we thought we would take the opportunity to see how well he coped swimming without the help. we were somewhat amazed that he can swim !!!! OK, so it is purely doggie paddle right now, but the fact is that Elliot learned to swim finally in Maui – how cool is that as a story for his future?

We ended up having another great day by the pool, with a takeaway dinner from Panda Express to close off – the boys are absolutely shattered, with Olly pleading to go to bed and Elly being not far behind.

Simon has burned his stomach in a pretty big way today so it will be interesting to see if we have any whinging overnight and in the morning.

Tomorrow is the last full day and Kerrie is going on a helicopter tour of the island while the rest of us find a nice beach for an hour or so. Then it will be back to the pool to relax for a few hours and watch the sun go down for the last time here in paradise…..

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