Maui Day 3 – relax by the pool…

Our third day here already, so we chose tofeelsx by the pool given it is a Saturday – hence will prob be busy on the roads – and we will sneak out for dinner in Lahaina tonight to experience Saturday evening in the nearest cool little town. UPDATE: we did go into Lahaina and had a lovely meal at the Lahaina Fish Restaurant overlooking the ocean. we then took a little walk along the main street (First Street) to check out the amenities and to find some new sunglasses for Elliot (broke his glasses over dinner 🙁 ) – found a nice pair of Bolle items that he seems very pleased with.

We are also planning to research a Luau and also helicopter tour of the island or a submarine trip.

There has been a mouse problem here in the house we have rented sadly with a few of the little buggars dancing around inside the main house so the owners cleaned up the mess that we located under the kitchen sink and put down some traps.

We enjoyed a Costco Tri Tip steak last night although Simon crucified it on the BBQ sadly (we had to slice off the cremated outer surface to make way to the succulent meat underneath – Simon does not have much luck with these steaks it seems) 🙁 All done during some fun antics as the first “caught” mouse became evident under the dishwasher. It was ejected from the house by Vicky and Kerrie and has subsequently escaped from the sticky paper trap that it found itself caught on.

More water fun to be had today…

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