Lahaina, Maui – Day 1

We all got a reasonable night sleep (poor Olly was up at 3am with raging temperature etc) and were ready to go this morning. We head out in the car to get some bits that we had not managed to buy last night such as a paddling pool for Olly – so he can still play in the water albeit in the shade while his infection rights itself (the doctor wants him to not get much direct sunlight) – and some pool toys and some sand toys for when we head to the beach. We had lunch at a beach grill in the Whalers Village overlooking the ocean, and then head back to bathe in the pool and grab some of those beautiful rays falling from the sky 🙂

Elly is so confident in the water it is almost worrying and Olly just wants in – he totally unaware of the risks of the water it seems. Hopefully by the end of this little holiday he will have an idea and be more capable in the water like Elly.

The boys all test drove the jacuzzi in the master bathroom and The littlest boys are looking forward to a great nights sleep 🙂 They are just SO tired

Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings…

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