The end of an era :-(

Following 6 weeks of internal torture, Simon finally decided and handed in his notice at the place that has shaped and defined his professional life and been a significant part of his personal life for the last 15 years.  Sadly, this also signals the end of our time out here in sunny Northern California, so we will be returning to the UK in early October for the last time on a work VISA sponsored by AppSense.

We are deeply saddened to be leaving our friends in CA behind, but know that the decision is right for the family (direct and levels away) so feel happy to be going back to the colder climate etc.

Sorry to Tim and Pepsi and Max who will now need to share their home with us but hurrah for Elliot who is deeply missing his “best friend” Tyler.

We’ll see our UK friends from mid October (the actual day that we board the plane in SFO will be EXACTLY 15 years to the day from the day that Simon walked through the door at Engineering Software in October 1996) – we have a little travelling to do before then…. 🙂


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