Daddy’s home

Daddy has been out in a Ski resort called Deer Park near Pak City in Utah (Salt Lake City is the nearest big city) although there is no snow there at the time of the year.  It has been the company’s annual corporate kick off event and a sales and technical enablement event to boot.  So Daddy left home on Tuesday morning early and got back this afternoon, in time for late lunch out.

We are expecting a visitor tomorrow who will be staying with us for around three weeks, so we have moved Olly into Elly’s bedroom – Olly is MEGA excited about sleeping in Elly’s room – Elly is not so sure yet – think he likes having his own room.  They have been up there just 15 minutes at this point and they are chatting away – something tells us that they are not going to be getting to sleep any time soon 🙁

Mummy has decided that an Apple MacBook Air might be a good idea after all, so we will go and buy one on the way to the airport to collect Kerrie.  Then on Sunday, we are heading to the San Jose water park – Vicky has booked a cabana so we will be lording it up all day long 🙂

Simon has also made a pretty big decision (Vicky in full support) this week that will unfold over the next few weeks so this is a little exciting, and a little worrying all at the same time – more on this subject in good time… 🙂

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