Thanks for all your help…….

….ok so the title is a little misleading as we didn’t really get any help from Appsense.  Simon was faithfully promised by his boss that he had his back, maybe to piss up it and tell him it was raining………

Anyway I can’t be too harsh as they have amended his commission plan to help with our cash flow but that is all.  I know I should be happy that they have changed that but it was part of Simons salary he was entitled to so basically I am NOT happy.  The logical side to  me says what did I really expect.  I really didn’t expect much  I know Appsense are growing and can’t be seen to be making exceptions for Simon.  The truth is though that I feel really aggrieved at the way he has been treat this year and saw this as an opportunity for them to put things right.  I am not naive and I never expected them to turn round to us and say here is the $6500 you have spent on therapy and we will give you a salary increase to cover Elliots therapy each month.  Don’t get me wrong that would have been nice but I am a realist.  If they had looked into incorporating PDD in the current policy that would have been great.  If they had said to him look you probably wouldn’t get group therapy paid for in the UK but would definitely get OT & SLT, therefore we will give you some money towards it that would have been great.  Faith restored and I would happily settle back into living out here and living out the remainder of our contract and possibly staying longer.  The fact is they didn’t and I am really fed up.  Again it isn’t about the money it really isn’t, it is the principal.  Why should we be out here for the benefit of Appsense and be out of pocket every month, relying on our savings to pay for something that would be covered in the UK. 

Anyway ranting is not getting me anywhere and if wasn’t for the fact the therapy programme we have Elliot enrolled is doing him so much good I would have our bags pakced and we would be on the next flight home.

PS. Dear Aetna Broker have Appsense opted out of Mental health coverage???????  I await your response with baited breath as I may have another trick up my sleeve………….TBC

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