Lets throw in an over night stay and see how this is handled……

This is the third week of intensive therapy and Elliot is continuing to take all we are throwing at him in his stride.  He has accepted that he has Sessions on a Monday ,Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and doesn’t question it anymore i.e I no longer need to bribe him with a target visit to get him to go ;o)

So this week I am adding a play date with some friends of his that he insists don’t like him anymore.  I organise it at our house so I can maybe be in a little more control.  We have a playdate with a school friend and then another play date with my friend who has 2 older boys.  It will be interesting how he copes with all of this and his therapy, oh and we are going to go to Yosemite for the weekend.  Doesn’t sound like much but the last time we were away from home he really freaked out and didn’t sleep all night lets see how this week pans out……

Therapy sessions –  great continuing to improve in his group sessions albeit it slower but improvements are there.  Individual sessions he is doing Awesome ;o)

Play date at home with his friends –  goes really well the kids don’t play together all the time but they play associatively interact a little and have a giggle together and he tells me at the end they can come again because they are his friends.

Play date with older friends – again he does really well considering he is in someone else’s house and the little boy is a lot more forward than him he manages to tell him he doesn’t want to play what he has suggested, Go Elliot

Play date in the park with school friend – always a little tricky as there is so much space and so much to do so they don’t need to play together but at the end of it he asked the little boys mum if her son could come and play at our house.  OMG we are finally making progress :o)

And now for the final piece this week the Yosemite trip.  I know what you are thinking after throwing so much at him he can’t possibly cope with that as well…..Ok so we had a few wobbles after 4 hours of driving he asked if we could go home and refused to sleep in a hotel for the night.  He soon got over  it however and when we had to go home he asked why we couldn’t stay another night.

Well Done Elliot you have had a truly amazing week and continue to surprise me at how well you are adapting :o) xxx

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