Intensive summer sessions week 2

Another week of pretty full on therapy sessions for Elliot start with a 2 hours session at TSSV, a 11/2 hour session at PTS, another 2 hour session and TSSV then his usual 45 min OT and 30 min SLT session.

Last week was pretty hard on Elliot and he took a lot of persuading to join in his groups and a lot of reminding of what was coming next and how much fun he was going to have.  Luckily this week was much easier for him and he took it a little more in his stride.  His therapists tell me he is always quiet but is willing to speak out more.  We have pretty uneventful sessions this week other than play in the park on Wednesday is cancelled because of the rain seriously in the middle of June in California crazy weather we are having. 

As Elliot is getting used to the groups I decided that we need to increase the social things that we do with him in terms of play dates with friends.  He has quite a few friends that we plays with regularly but is telling me he doesn’t want to play with them.  Rather than press the issue I have kept the stress low due to the therapy sessions but that will be all changing next week as I will start to integrate more into the week and just push him a little bit further and see how we get on.

On another topic we finally have the Elliots report back from the specialist and have all the information we need to start claiming back some of the $6500 we have spent on therapy so far.  This in mind I call the insurance company to see how we go about claiming the money back.  Only to be told that we are not covered through Appsense. WTF…….. we have just paid $600 for this report that Aetna told us we needed to claim back the monies only to be told we can’t claim back a penny.  Surely this can’t be right.  I speak to Simon and he gets on to the insurance broker and we wait patiently whilst he does some research and gives us and update.  Believe me when I say this is not over yet………..

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