Final week of intensive therapy…..

Ok so the last post got taken over with a rant about medical insurance which could go on and on but at the sake of boring myself and anyone else I think it is really important to focus on what our money is getting for us. 

This is the last week of intensive session as there are only 3 more of the TSSV sessions left.  The PTS sessions continue for another few weeks and the individual sessions for SLT & OT continue for as long as we keep paying for them ;o) 

OK so Elliot is always going to be  a shy conservative boy that hangs back and assess situations more than other children but he is learning to find his voice and that it is ok to have opinions.  When we started this journey with Elliot, all we hoped for was that we could help equip him and give him the tools to cope with being a quite person and to understand that it is ok to be that way.  Although all of this is way too much information to impart on a four year old the therapy sessions are really improving his confidence in talking to adults, speaking up, trying to correlate more coherent sentences and trying to be heard.  He still stumbles with his peers but is showing a slow and steady improvement.  Just this week I have managed to get him out of the house without as many prompts and even without as many security devices i.e half the toys from his bedroom.  He is doing so much better with change also.  Miss Christie was not available for his Friday session and he saw Miss Maria instead and he totally took it in his stride. 

Yay for Elliot lets hope the improvements in leaps and bounds carry on……

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