Looooonnnnnnggg weekend :-)

This weekend is Independence weekend so we have Monday off as a bank holiday – yay !!

We somewhat wasted the day by lazing around in the house until 12:30, when daddy and Elliot nipped out for a haircut – Olly is not up to it :-(.  He (Olly) has had three days of high temperatures and while it feels like he is improving, when he ‘goes off’, he really does falter unfortunately.

We then nipped out to the shops (Fresh and Easy) where we got some groceries and beer and then mummy dropped daddy off at the bike shop as he had his new bike to pick up :-).

Elliot played his new XBOX 360 game, Cars 2 tonight although he seemed to prefer to want daddy to play it while he watched – perhaps a waste of cash ??

The weather has been great this last few days, with the temperature nudging 100F today and the threat that it will press up beyond 100F over the next couple of days 🙂

We are hoping to get the boys out with their bikes as they have not been practising on them for a couple of weeks now.  We are also hoping to find a trail along bike for Elliot as he is getting a little too big (and heavy) for the bike trailer.  This does mean however, that mummy will need to pull one of the boys behind her bike, as we don’t think that it is allowed to have a trailer pulling a trailer….

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