The start of a pretty intensive week of therapy

Ok so this week is the start of the intensive summer programmes we have Elliot booked into.  As Elliot really struggles with social situations and transitions into something new I am anxious that this week is going to have a really negative effect on him.  I have spent the last week preparing him the best way I know how which is by repeatedly telling him what to expect and when.  As he has never met any of these children before I explain where the classes will be held and who his teacher will be and that he will be meeting new friends to play with.

The first of this weeks session is going to be held at TSSV with 5 other children.  We head there on Monday morning ready to play.  Elliot is a little timid at being left with lots of strangers but I leave him as I know it is the best thing to try and help him cope better as he gets older.  Oliver and I head out of the clinic and come back 1 hour and 45 minutes later so we can go into the group for an update as to what the children have been doing.

Unfortunately Elliot is a little overwhelmed when I get back and he bursts into tears :o(  It seems like they have been doing some really fun activities and there has been an obstacle course and lots of fun activities for the children to do together.  We are given a hand out with 3 stick men on it and they are different levels of excitement.  With each stick man are peoples faces one concerned, one happy one sad..  The picture is to show Elliot how people feel when he is acting different ways.  It is a really simple tool but one I have really managed to use with Elliot to help him get some perspective on how his actions affect other people. I ask Elliott if he has enjoyed himself and tell him that we will get to play with his new friends and Miss Debbie and Miss Perna again on Wednesday but this time in the park.


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