Mortgage has been approved (or pre-approved rather)

It has only taken 2 and a half months, but we are finally pre approved on a mortgage for our here in California.  Well, subject to some crazy stipulations such as:

  •  Vicky must write to HSBC to advise that Simon is allowed to actually use the money in the joint account (the same one that is in Simon’s name as the main account holder…. ???  Guess they know us too well perhaps?
  •  Simon needs to get written evidence from the company to state that he is not a shareholder.
  •  Simon needs to provide evidence of home insurance on the UK house… ???

These just seem crazy but apparently all necessary to prevent the bank from issuing mortgages out to folks who will end up not paying their monthly terms.

Looking forward to a day out at Gilroy Gardens on Saturday (think Jason, Amy and Charlotte may join us), relax with the bikes etc on Sunday, and then out to the Brit Mum’s BBQ and a friend of Vicky’s for a arty on Monday.

Simon hired a car on Saturday since he picked up a screw in one of the tyres in his car, to find that not only could it not be repaired but it was also a special order tyre that needs to be ordered from out of state.  Consequently it would not be sorted until Monday afternoon (today in fact).  When he called earlier this afternoon, the good news was that the tyre would be fitted when it arrived this afternoon and that it would definitely be here. Hearing the great news, Simon immediately arranged for the rental car to go back thus saving $40 for the next day of rent, and no sooner had this happened than the phone call come in to advise that the tyre had not actually been delivered and it would now be tomorrow.  GREAT.

So, we have had a spare tyre fitted to the car, the garage have kept the alloy wheel and will fit the tyre tomorrow when it arrives, and Vicky will need to take the car to the garage in the afternoon to have the wheels swapped over.  Simon is going to take Vicky’s car to San Francisco with him so that should there be a problem, there is a spare in that car.  Vicky, is only really doing the school run so if there is a problem, it can be easily left on the roadside and Simon can sort it on his return.

Oh the fun of running cars…. At least the sun is shining …..

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