A day of fun at the Chidrens Discivery Museum or not :-(

Another busy week in the Rust Household.  We have been busy helping a colleague of Simons and his family acclimate to living the bay area.  We went to the Childrens discovery Museum in San Jose, to make it an even bigger adventure we went on the VTA.  We met with our friends Conny and Alexander at the Chenworth station and got the VTA to right outside the museum it was great fun and just long enough for the boys.   They had a blast in the museum playing on the fire engine, in the ambulance, the mammoth exhibit, the craft area, the bubble are and saving the best till last the water area.  We spent lots of time in the under 5’s room upstairs also.  As one of Elliots biggest issues is spending time in big groups when they announced it was story time I assumed he would not want to join in.  The session started and Elliot asked to look at an area near the story corner and to my surprise he edged to the story are and ask to sit and join in.  Wow this was a pleasant surprise.  He didn’t join in with the “thick” of the children but was happy to sit at the edge and joined in with the songs at closing circle.  Wow what an achievement. It feels like we are making progress finally as a few years ago when I tried to take him to toddler groups he would not join in any circle time.  This success is some what short lived though when it is time to leave the museum.  We had chosen not to go into the water area until then end of the day.  Elliot was having so much fun enjoying himself that he did not realise that he had gotten so wet.  Another thing that would not always affect most children but really got Elliot bent out shape and got very upset by it.  How frustrating as I hadn’t thought about bring him a spare change of clothes.  So by the end of the journey we had a very frazzled mummy trying to explain to Elliot that he could get changed at home and it really wasn’t a problem.  Some days the issues we have seem bigger to Elliot and me than others I guess this was one of these days.  Oh well nevermind tomorrow is another day.

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