Sickness is on its way out thankfully

Elliot is A OK now, but Olly is still having challenges with the runs 🙁  At least he finds it funny when he “poop”s 🙂 Shame that each one causes nappy change requirement….

On other matters, we now have our Maui trip in August confirmed and just need to book flights and a car while we are there – we are ALL really revved up for this holiday – going be a great time we are sure.  We will be just 1 mile from the beach (so is walkable), have a lovely house that has three bedrooms, TV, Wii console, private pool and hot tub, BBQ facilities etc.  We chose to do this rather than hotel so that we could have time to ourselves without needing to get irritated about the noisy folks in the adjoining room etc.

Simon’s watch will be back from IWC next week (yahoo – been gone a month if it does come back then…), so hopefully the rattle that it had in the case will be gone :-).

Vicky is starting up a new blog here on the website – please search for content tagged with ‘Aspergers’ to see the content as it becomes available.  It is called “A 4 Aspergers” and is being written from our experience with our eldest Elliot as we find out what challenges he has ahead of him and how we all navigate those challenges aver the weeks and months ahead.

Olly is beginning to act like a little sponge at the moment as he is repeating EVERYTHING he hears, and with considerable skill.  Daddy is needing to be extra careful as to what he says….  Olly’s wicked sense of humour comes out everyday and is increasing in wickedness as each day passes.  We will need to get our act into gear and get some videos for all to see.

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