Let the blogging begin…

Inspired by friends blogging adventures I have decided that I will start an addition to Forkhall……….A 4 Aspergers??  I decided on the title as I have been thinking of an outlet and a way to chart our journey that we are currently on with Elliot.

I am sure that most of the people reading this will already know that this year has highlighted some issues for us that we are facing with Elliot.  His shyness still presents a big challenge along with other little quirks that Elliot has developed.  To get up to date where we are at please see the archives for January to April.  I hope to update the site at least weekly to inform you all of our progress and how the weeks pan out.  Hopefully you will find it interesting as we chart our  “Epic Journey of Discovery”  Good luck Elliot it is going to be a long ride……..

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