Monday morning update

Monday morning starts off like any other Monday.  A quick prompt to remind Elliot that he has his play group with his friends, Hayden, Derek. Sameer, Miss Debbie and Miss Susan.  Elliot is definitely used to the idea of going to his session at TSSV however  I am still concerned that he is not taking part as much as he could.  I guess Elliots social issues are going to need a lot of attention.  In the meantime his notes from group session pretty much confirm the same as previous weeks:

Elliot: Session 7

  • Cheers: with structure and prompting, participated in activities. Continues to be quiet in group, but more engaged with peers and activities,  Really enjoys physical play
  • Challenge: maintaining group peer play, speaking to peers.

With this in mind we head to PTS for an open evening regarding summer sessions that they have available that might help Elliot.  Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that there are any sessions that will tie in with the TSSV session and the Maui holiday plus we decide that Elliot deserves a break over the summer.  It was a great opportunity none the less for Elliot to be able to show his Daddy where he goes to play on a Friday and for Simon to meet his Therapists.

The week is pretty much uneventful and I am having one of my many “am I imagining that Elliot has problems” until Thursday morning that is.  Whilst playing at home with his hot wheel cars he cuts his finger on the car launcher.  The cut on his is pretty minor it is near his knuckle so a little awkward and bleeds a little as he bends his finger but nothing to dramatic.  Not to Elliot though it is a really big deal and he gets so upset and is crying so hard he is almost screaming.  I pick him up and sit him on my knee and hug him really hard and try to sooth him.  I had a pain reliving spray that I manage to get on his finger in between the screams.  He has nearly calmed down that is until he bends his finger and it starts to bleed a little this really freaks Elliot out and the screams start up again.  I then have an idea we have lots of plasters if you’re American and reading this “Bandaids” ;o) some of which have Buzz Lightyear on.  I suggest to Elliot that Buzz Lightyear will sit on his finger and look after his cut and make it all better.  As Buzz is his hero he thinks this is a good idea, with the plaster in place we manage to get to a slight sob and within 5 minutes he has clamed down.  Phewee that was a 45 minute session over a tiny cut.  OK self doubt gone Elliot definitely needs this assessment so we can reassure ourselves that we are doing the right thing.  With all the upset Elliot has decided he is not going to school because his finger hurts too much.  It just goes to show that certain things really throw him off track.  I decided not to press the situation and told him that it would be a good idea to still go and with a little more encouragement I managed to get him to go at 12.15 as usual.  What a morning…..

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