Couple of hours on the beach at Santa Cruz

The weather was not quite as nice as we anticipated it would be today, but nonetheless we still headed South to the sandy beaches of Santa Cruz – we spent a little over two hours on the beach to the South of the harbor (the very harbor that got slightly battered a couple of weeks ago as the backlash of the tsunami hit the US coast.  Of course daddy managed to get his back burnt – isn’t that standard protocol for daddy on the beach at Santa Cruz? 🙂

The boys had a great time with Oliver having sand everywhere… Poor little monkey – he then slept for a couple of hours on the wya home and then when we got home.  Of course the downside is that it is now 10:23pm and he has been awake for the last 30 minutes and is showing no signs of being ready for bed….. Guess who is going to be a visitor in mummy and daddy’s bed tonight then….

We head back to the UK on Thursday and have got a lot of stuff to do with the house in Ossett in readying it for Tim to move in next week.  The decket man is heading in on Monday and should have completed the whole house by Saturday (when we actually get there after arriving in London on Friday afternoon).

We need to figure out what the state of the kitchen is and hence whther we need to just acquire a couple more new doors for the cabinets or consider a full kitchen replacement…..  Oh the joy..

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