The Diamonds finally arrived :-)

It feels like months have passed since we ordered Vicky’s new diamond ring, and we have been chasing the company for weeks now.  Finally on Tuesday they had arrived so Simon picked them up on the way home from the office.  They are simply stunning and look incredible alongside Vicky’s existing rings.  On top of this the upgraded ring (that she already had) looks outstanding – we bought a further carat and a half to up the main diamond to a full carat and then to have two half carats either side.  Then the existing two 1/3 carat diamonds have been made into a new pair of earrings.

Today, we were out shopping (well actually heading out for lunch on Santana Row) and when we got back in the car, we realized that Simon’s mobile phone was not with us.  We called it but there was no answer, so we used the app on Vicky’s phone “find my iPhone” to track Simon’s phone.  We actually followed the phone to find that it was in the Apple store in the mall – some girls had picked it up and taken it to the store in the hope that Apple would be able to return it to its’ owner.  Clearly we are very thankful and a little annoyed that we were not able to thank the people in person.

Tonight we have been out house hunting around the area – just to try to figure out IF we were to consider buying property where we would like it to potentially be.

Hopefully tomorrow we will head to the beach – apparently the weather should be good for it.  We have had two days this week that have been 30+ Celsius and are anticipating another of those days tomorrow….

Bundt cakes for tea !!!!! 🙂

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