YAY – the sun has come out again :-)

It feels like it has rained for two weeks solid 🙁  There have been mudslides and all sorts in the area around here.

Thankfully the sun came out a little yesterday and has been out quite a lo today, with the temperature making it’s way to almost 20 degrees Celsius this afternoon.  As a result we went out on the bikes tonight and the boys played in Houge Park for 45 minutes or so.  Was nice to be able to be out in t-shirt and shorts again – was January the last time we were able to enjoy the weather like this.  Apparently the week will only get warmer… 🙂

Simon went to a business friends place in San Francisco on Saturday night and they made what this guy called Deathburgers – basically a burger with grilled cheese sandwiches for the bun, a 1/2 pound burger (hand made), bacon that was fried and then eggs that were fried in the fat left from the bacon, chips that were fried in the fat that was left after the bacon and eggs, chilli, lettuce, onion, avocado, tomato ketchup etc etc – you get the jist of it…. There were definitely way north of 2000 calories in these bad boys….

We had a lovely dinner at Daisy and Roy’s last night to finish the weekend off nicely.

We are heading back to the UK in a little under 2 weeks so we are beginning to think about what we need to take back vs. bring back here 2 weeks later.  We are trying to minimize baggage all round as it will make it much easier to manage with the boys if we have little or no luggage. It also means we could leave the date car in the airport car park rather than the X5 – the X5 has over 9,000 miles on it, yet the date car has not yet got to 7,500.  Given that we are paying extra so that the date car can do up to 12,000 per year, we need t use it a lot more at the weekends.  This is not a major drama since for some reason the boys both seem to prefer the Golf.

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