Happy Birthday Mummy

We are heading out to the shops to buy mummy something nice 🙂 |We are also heading round to Escobars Jewellers as they have finished upgrading Vicky’s rings with the new diamonds, created the earrings and HOPEFULLY have the new ring in as well – will make a nice start to mummy’s birthday.

The rain has been persistent for the last few days and looks like it is here to stay for a significant few more 🙁 At least the reservoirs will be full and we won’t need to worry about the water supplies over the summer.

Simon picked up his new watch last night – he ended up upgrading it (typical !) and so picked up a rather cheeky IWC Portuguese Automatic Special Edition (Laureus).  He seems very pleased with it even if it’s arrival has overshadowed Vicky’s birthday 🙁

We are going out for a nice meal tonight with the Folks, so that will be nice – the restaurant that Amy suggested in Los Gatos looks really rather nice – looking forward to finding out.

Simon received his new glasses this week – they were shipped over from the UK by Simon’s optician when the US folks would not make any up for him – apparently his eyesight is too bad for rimless glasses in the US.  They are spot on and even have reacting lenses to UV so they turn into sunglasses in the sunlight – nice.

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