Little extravagant shopping :-)

Wowee – it has been real British spring weather here in the bay this last week – torrential rain and high winds.  Thankfully this morning all faith is restored – blue sky and sunshine – doesn’t feel too warm yet mind you.

We heading out for a nice meal tonight with the Folks in Los Gatos, so that will be nice – nice steakhouse – yay!  We have found a baby sitter so hoping that works out well for us also – perhaps we will get out a little more frequently from now on…..

We have given the tenants of the house in Ossett notice but allowed them 3 additional months to find alternative lodgings, so the house will be back with us in the summer.  Tim is planning to come south and move in with Pepsi and Max for a while so it will be nice to have the house back in Rust ownership through and through – although I think we need to put a new kitchen in since the majority of the doors are cracked and therefore need replacing – guess it is handy we have a few dollars of funding behind us now… 🙁

We are also thinking of buying something here in Los Gatos – I guess time will tell….

We went diamond shopping this afternoon, and while Elly and Olly (well Olly really) were less keen on the task, mummy was only too pleased to visit the shop 🙂

We have uplifted the diamonds in the ring that we bought in Florida so that there is a nice 1 carat diamond in the middle setting along with two slightly smaller items to sit either side.  Mummy has also procured a new ring that has white and then black diamonds in it – it will look really nice alongside the existing two rings and will pull together with the watch that Vicky got at our 10th wedding anniversary.  On top of this we have managed to get two new earrings in the deal as well 🙂 All in all, a good shopping session I think….. Got to wait 3 or so weeks until we get the rings back – think it might just be the longest  weeks in life so far…. 🙂

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