Sun, sun, sun

This week, the sunshine has come back again, with the temperature surging to almost 28 degrees C on Saturday and Sunday 🙂

We have been spending a significant portion of time over the last week looking for a potential new home for the next 12 months from April onwards.  We have found that unless we go to $5,000 per month, we are unable to find the sort of place that we would like in an area that we are comfortable with 🙁

So, we are presently thinking that we will be staying in the house that we are in already, even though it does not have a garden for the boys to play in.

One of the Media Center PC’s has failed this week 🙁 It just simply fails to switch on.  Simon called Lenovo for support, expecting to have to send the machine back in at our expense for repair. To his surprise, it seems that the device came with 9 months onsite warranty service, so we are now awaiting a call from a local engineer who will schedule some time to come around to the house to fix it – YAY!!!

We experienced our first SuperBowl this weekend, and we did so at Roy and Daisy’s amazing pad in Saratoga.  Olly just wanted to check out their pool, adding weight to the decision that we will NOT look for a house with a pool (assuming that we do continue to search for a house of course).  Elly on the other hand actually wanted to go out into the garden to play football – well football with a ball shaped like a rugby ball 🙂

We have also decided to buy an XBOX 360 with the Kinect technology – that way we can all join in family games but we can also get exercise games etc as well – should be fun….

Simon heads to the UK for 4 days on Sunday, so a short weekend is coming up.

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