Snow fun in New York

Simon was supposed to be in New York from Wednesday night for two days.  The snow in New York (3 feet in 6 hours!!) was causing flights into and out of New York airports to be cancelled.  Simon’s flight was the last on of the day from San Francisco (10:35pm) and 5 flights of the day had already been cancelled.  However the 1:15pm flight did manage to get away by 9:35pm… so things were looking good.  Simon was waiting for the flight (which was by now 45 minutes late) and was due to board at 11pm, at which point the announcement came over the tannoy – Flight 34 to New York’s JFK has been cancelled….

So, Simon did not get to New York.  Elliot was pleased to see Daddy the following evening – a surprise since Elliot was not expecting to see Daddy until the weekend.

The weather has changed significantly towards the end of the week, with the sun having gone inside for a while and the temperature has dropped significantly since Wednesday.

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