Good to be back

Simon has really missed the 15 minute commute 🙂  It is GREAT to be back for that alone 🙂  The four trips to Daresbury from Ossett were hard – feel for Mr Leech who is still doing that commute most days…. 🙁

Olly had his first night last night where he was not allowed to sleep in mummy and daddy’s bed.  It was hard letting him cry in his cot, but it was necessary.  His “training” in the UK needed undoing.  hopefully tonight will not cause the same challenge….

Vicky has spent the last two days tidying up the Christmas decorations and the toys that the boys seem intent on getting out, messing with, then getting out again (once mummy has tidied them away).

We have a long weekend ahead of us so we are looking to do something out of the ordinary so that we don’t end up wasting yet another weekend.

Oh, the automatic watch winder that Simon ordered for our new watches arrived just before we got back here, and it works a treat.  It could take up to four watches that are automatic and then up to 6 other battery operated watches or jewellery.  A steal at $85 delivered – the item that we looked at in the shop where we bought the watches was a mere $700 for just ONE watch…. Guess that’s what you get when buying branded items…. Rolex was the brand in the case of $700.

Finally, the weather is on the up – was 18 Celcius today and blue skies – oh ddaaaaaammmmmnnnn 🙂

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